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At the bottom section of the starting window, all cycles related to the selected patient are displayed.





Functionalities at the cycle area

Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Create/Plan new cycle: adds a new cycle.
Delete selected cycle/planning: deletes the selected cycle from the list. This action is not easily performed as many factors can influence the deletion of a cycle. Dialogue messages will indicate possible problems.
Cycle details: opens a window containing the summary of the selected cycle.
Open associated male med. history: opens the male medical history.
Open associated female med. history: opens the female medical history.
To open a cycle, double-click its entry on the list.
Click here to learn more about adding a new cycle.


Types of cycles

The most important entry at the creation of a new cycle is the type of the treatment.

These are all available Treatments.


Click on individual treatments to get more information about their structure, processes and possible inputs.



Top section



Once you create or select a cycle from the starting window, the window is refreshed to display this cycle's information.

Some other buttons will be displayed depending on the selected tab and they will be described separately in each tab.


Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on them to have further information.

Home: click on this button to go to the starting window.
Lock cycle: click on this button to complete lock this cycle from editing.


QM / free fields: click on this button to access the QM field section related to this area. Or click on the right arrow to block QM fields, to see the change log or scan a barcode.


The star on the left corner of this icon indicates that information is included in the QM field.

Go one cycle back/forward.
Cycle details: opens a window containing the summary of the selected cycle.
Print: click the arrow to choose one of the printing options.
New message: click on this button to send a message to the patient. This message can be an SMS or a web portal message.
Examinations: opens the last examination. Click on the arrow to see all past evaluations.
Medical history: by default this button opens the female patient medical history. Click on the arrow to select the male.



The top section of this screen does not change. You will always see the buttons displayed on top, the patient's information and tabs. These tabs (image below), work similar to a time-line. They are specially positioned to recreate the normal work-flow of a particular cycle. They are also referred to as summaries and will change according to the cycle created.

The summaries show the different treatment steps and have the following functions:

  • They display the most important data.
  • They show the status of the data and their plausibility. These are indicated by round colour symbols. If the symbol is red, put the mouse over it to know the reason.
  • Click the different summaries to change between stages of the cycle.
  • Summaries are generated dynamically and adjusted according to treatment type.
  • The cycle is plausible if information has been entered in all relevant treatment steps and only green warnings are visible. Also, the information needs to be filled in a certain time frame. This is called prospectivity. A cycle is said to be prospective if it displays a green thumbs up. These are the symbols used for prospectivity and plausibility: .


More information about tabs can be accessed from the Types of cycles above. Alternatively, here is full list of all cycle tabs:


Press the QM button to add staff, material, times or free fields.

You need to define QM domains in the settings before you can use them.

More informations about using QM fields can be found here.

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