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This highly flexible function, allows you to selectively assign additional processes, staff, material including batches, times, notes and other definable fields to the individual input areas.

You can configure the QM fields in the settings and it is very important you perform such configuration before entering data.

The following pages explain how you can enter data in a QM domain. Follow this procedure for all QM fields in MedITEX IVF.

  • After clicking on a QM field, the corresponding QM screen will open.

Top part

  • In the upper left corner you can see the respective QM domain (Cryopreservation of oocytes/embryos). The window contains all items (from the QM assignment selection) which have been assigned to this QM field in the settings.
  • Uncheck the boxes Staff, Material or Free text to hide items of these categories.
  • Click on the column headers (Description, Value, etc.) to sort the items accordingly. Click here to read more about managing lists.

  • Check the box Value choice with no restrictions to display values (Material, Batches or Staff) which have been set to "inactive" in the settings.




Description of fields:

  • Type: symbols indicating the category of the item: Staff , Material  or Free fields .
  • Description: item name.
  • Value: if values have already been assigned to the field in the settings, you can choose them by clicking the button in the column next to the field. Here, you can also choose materials or free text fields.
  • Date: here you can enter the relevant date (DD/MM/YYYY). Press the lightning symbol on the right edge of the field to add the current date.
  • Start: here you can add a start time for the item (hh:mm).
  • End: here you can add an end time for the item (hh:mm).
  • Note: here you can add a note to the item. Click on the field to open the editor.
  • Due to the uniform layout, it is possible for example, to add staff to an item of the type Material and vice versa.
  • Date, times and notes can be added to every item and do not need to be defined in the settings.


For special cases, when you wish to enter further information for a certain process, click the Plus button.
If you do not wish to document as much information for a certain QM field, select the item  and press the Delete button. Click OK to close the screen.
A window including all items defined for the QM fields in the settings (QM assignment selection) will open.
Select the desired item.
Click OK and the selected item will be added to the special process.
If you need other fields from staff, material or free fields, go to the system settings and add more field to this area.


Bottom part

Click the lightning symbol to open the editing window.

Delete an available code with the trashcan.

  • Click the Generate button for generating a new code.
  • Click the Assign button for assigning a code.
After generating a new code, the button functionalities will change.
  •  Now you can change the matchcode.
    And print it.
  • You have also the option to Generate / Print with options.

If you click Print with options, the following window will be opened.

Choose the number of copies, the name of the printer and the name of the template.

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