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Cycle details.

  • Check again if the correct names of the patient and her current partner are displayed on top of the window.
  • Add general data, additional measures, polar body diagnosis or preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
  • If you need it, you can set a checkmark for fertility preservation or social egg freezing. (Enter more details about it at the medical history area)
  • Click the gray shaded triangle to the left of the field for the date to enter a reference date for the therapy. Preferentially (if known), use the date of the last period (Date LMP). If the date of the last period is not known or not available (Therapy from amenorrhea), enter a Therapy start.
  • The start date is only an approximate indication which can refer to the first stimulation day, for example. MedITEX IVF uses this date to chronologically classify the planned therapy.
  • Add clinics form transferred patients at Taken over from. Open a list with IVF clinics with a double click on the field. You can add IVF clinics at System -> IVF clinics.
  • Add the associated medical histories. Click the gray shaded triangle to open a list with all saved medical histories and choose the wished one. The date of the associated medical history has to be on the same day or after the date of the first initialisation.
  • Save your entries with one click on the OK-button. A new cycle will be created.



The most important entry is the type of the treatment.


Click on individual treatments to get more information about their structure, processes and possible inputs.



You can edit the options for the protocol and additional measures in the settings under system tables.

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