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For every embryo that has been documented as continuous pregnancy, MedITEX IVF will create a data column in the tab Birth.

If no content is displayed on this tab, go back to the Pregnancy tab  and correct the entries. The PG progress must be continuous in order for a child to be displayed here .


  • Enter all necessary data regarding the birth and children.
  • In case of chromosome anomalies or congenital malformations of the born children, please check the corresponding boxes.
  • Double-click the respective fields to enter the diagnoses as ICD 10 codes. You can enter a maximum of five ICD 10 codes per area.


ICD 10

The window ICD 10 will open:


Press the QM field to add staff, material, times or free fields.

You need to define QM domains in the settings before you can use them.

Get more Informations about using QM fields here.

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