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Indicates the cycle outcome. These are the options:

  1. Unknown: check if you have no information on the cycle outcome.
  2. PG: check if the patient has become pregnant through the cycle.
  3. No Pregnancy: check if the patient has not become pregnet through the cycle. In this case, indicate whether there has been a withdrawal bleeding and enter the date.


Cycle outcome PG

If you have checked the cycle outcome PG, a new pregnancy will be created for this patient:



Enter the date the clinical pregnancy was determined and the number of intrauterine amniotic cavities that can be detected during an ultrasound examination.

In the case of extrauterine pregnancy, enter the number of extrauterine amniotic cavities. Here you should also enter heterotopic pregnancies or cases where an intrauterine pregnancy can be ruled out but the extrauterine implantation cannot be localized. Cervical pregnancies should also be indicated in this field.

If you have added extrauterine amniotic cavities, please also indicate if the pregnancy has been terminated. MedITEX IVF will then create the corresponding number of embryos.

Check the option HB if the heart beat has been detected in ultrasound examinations.

In the section Embryo, enter the progress of the pregnancy until the 24th week. In case of an abortion, please enter data and reason.

In the section Complications, enter the possible complications until the 20th week (left side) or complications after the 20th week (right side).




Here, you can add ultrasound pictures.


Press the QM field to add staff, material, times or free fields.

You need to define QM domains in the settings before you can use them.

Get more Informations about using QM fields here.

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