Locking of data

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To prevent accidental or malicious deletion of data, there is now the option of locking individual data, entire cycles and areas.



  • You can lock the data by clicking on the arrow next to the QM button.
  • To lock entire cycles, click right on the symbol at the end of the cycle line and selec to lock the data.


  • Locked data/areas will be identified by the a closed lock, colored gray.


  • Unlock this data by right-clicking the lock and selecting Unlock.


Locking and Unlocking of data is also available directly in the menu bar of every cycle.
  • You can see which user has locked the field. In order to do that, right-click the lock symbol or, for the lock symbol on the menu bar, put the mouse over it.
  • The unlocking of data can only happen through entering the password.
  • When clicking on Unlock cycle a new window will open and your password must be entered.
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