Thaw and Reception only cycles

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The Cycle overview window is the central screen where you can view and manage specific cycles in MedITEX IVF.

Here you can see a summary of the chosen cycle, as well as given medications, pictures and values of ultrasound examinations, events, etc.

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All processes related to cell culture can be managed in the mask Culture. These include IVF, ICSI, IVF and ICSI, GIFT, AH, PBD or PGD, cultivation, scoring, conserving or thawing of cells: There are several options.

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MedITEX IVF automatically obtains important information regarding the number and type of the cells to be transfered (including the transfer date) from the entries made in the input mask Culture.

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Luteal phase

Enter the luteal phase medication. Luteal medications are characterised with the word luteal phase at the application domain.

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Indicate the cycle outcome in the window Pregnancy.

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For every embryo that has been documented as continuous pregnancy, MedITEX IVF will create a data column in the mask "Birth".

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