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To edit your Personal settings click on the top menu item System -> Configuration / administration -> Personal settings.




In this window you can change the personal attributes of the logged-in user. 


  • Name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Colour – indicates the colour used throughout the program for this user;
  • Language.

Working type:

  • External – user that is not an employee of the clinic;
  • Active

Set the function of the user.

Set a new password with the button Change username and password.




Contact details

  In this area you can add important private contact details of this user, like phone number and address.



Here you can make certain view settings:
  • Show tray icon.
  • Display images in Graphical representation view.
  • Use up-down buttons in Table representation view.
  • Preview image size (small, medium, big).


Personal signature

To edit the Personal settings of the Digital Signature, click on the Signatures tab sheet under System -> Configuration / administration -> Personal settings. This step is only necessary if the option Create certificate within personal settings was selected in the Certificate settings.

To create a personal certificate, first click on the Create personal certificate button.

Secondly, insert a personal password for the certificate. Please note that the password inserted doesn't have to be the same as for MediTEX IVF, and that staff members wishing to sign a document must enter their personal password first.


Design your personal signature.

Check Protect signature to be asked for the password before being able to use the signature.

Click here for more information about the signing process.

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