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The menu bar is located at the top of the page. It is always visible, no matter which view or settings you select.
In the following list you will find all the information and functions of the menu bar. Use the links to get further descriptions.


→ Exit: 

  • Close MedITEX Scheduler.



→ Settings: configurations of MedITEX Scheduler.

  • General settings such as, Scheduler view or System, Holiday management and Other.
  • Add new, edit or delete treatments. Link them with resources.


→ Display working times: Displaying, defining and editing the working times.


→ Display appointments: Displaying the appointments schedule, creating and editing appointments.




Appointments by resource:

  • A list with all appointments of the current day will be opened.
  • By default, the appointment list can be viewed for all resources, but you can also filter the appointments by certain resources. The time period for the selection can also be adjusted.
  • The same functionality can be accessed through a link at the top left corner of the main window called "Appointment list / print".


Print scheduler:

  • A print preview of the selected date will be opened.
  • The same functionality can be accessed through a link at the top left corner of the main window on "Print scheduler".


Proposed appointments:

  • Automatically generates appointments if connected to MedITEX IVF.



Patient data:

  • Add or edit patients.



→ Appointment conflicts:

  • Information about appointment conflicts which arise through "overcrowding" or "double occupancy".




  • Interface to automatically import data with a billing or laboratory program.



→ User guide:

  • User guide of the Scheduler.


→ About MedITEX Scheduler:

  • System information about MedITEX Scheduler.


Remote assistance:

  • Starts Team Viewer for remote assistance.


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