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Main window.




Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Show the appointment of selected patient.
Open a new appointment.
If MediTEX IVF is installed, this button opens the patient in it.
Defined selection of resources.
 Shows all resources in the schedule.

With a click on the button Special selection you can open a list with all existing and active resources, which were defined in the settings.

Use the buttons D, W and T to change the view of the scheduler in day, work week or time grid view.


Clickable areas on the left side of the scheduler

Clickable areas with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Choose resources after group or set.

You see the current date in the blue square.

If Day view is active, it is possible to select several days in the months navigation.

Resources on a selected date. There is the option to print.

Print view of the scheduler.

Waiting room.

Important messages for a certain day. Messages from current date are shown in the Main Window.
Change visible resources.


Tabs on the top of the scheduler

Tabs display valuable information. Click on it to learn more.

Patients in the waiting room. You can see the name of the patient and doctor, status, room number and waiting time.



Important messages from current date. By clicking in the field you can add news to your info.


Special selection

In this list it is possible to vary the order of resources by moving the selected resource it up or down using the corresponding buttons on the right side. In the middle of the window you can create your personal scheduler view: day, week, timeline or year.

This order will be saved for each user individually. So if you quit the scheduler and log in again you will see the order as you have defined it.


Appointment list / print

Appointments by resource view.

Filters the list with resource name, time and date. If you click on Print, the print preview will be opened.

The window also will be opened if you click in the menu bar: Appointments -> Appointments by resource.


Scheduler print preview

Print preview.

Prints the appointments.

The window will also be opened if you click in the menu bar: Appointments -> Print scheduler.


Day info

Message of the day view.
Edit, add or delete messages in this window. Save it with OK, otherwise click Cancel.


Messages per day, per resource

Like the Day info, a user can now set an information text on a day or a resource header that will only apply to a single day. He can do so by double clicking the resource header of the desired day. The message can be edited or deleted by opening the input dialog again and clearing the inserted text.

< <

Adding an information text on a day. Adding an information text on a resource.


This can be done in the working time edit mode as well as in the event scheduler.

Number of displayed resources

Change here the visible resources
When you start MedITEX Scheduler and you have more than three resources defined, the scheduler will usually display 4 resources. In the bottom of the scheduler you will find small navigation buttons. With "+" you can increase the number of the resources in your view, and with "–" decrease it.
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