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The working times editor in MedITEX Scheduler allows to define working times within a calendar.

Either from the tool bar (no resource will be selected as default):



From the main menu (also no resource will be selected as default):


Or from the scheduler settings by double-clicking on a resource from the list, or by using the “Edit working times” button:

Using this option, the working times for the selected resource will immediately open.



When a resource has been (automatically or manually) selected, the working times scheduler for this resource is loaded. It will always display a whole week. When a resource does not have any defined working times, the general working time will be loaded.

working time.png



Within this view, a user can set/edit/delete working times by selecting a time range on any day and right-clicking on it. A context menu with different options will show up.

No working times are set:

You can create new working time in the selected time range.

Working times are already set:

You can create new working time anyway, and overwrirte the old ones, or delete the current working time within the selected time range.




Click on the options for further informations.




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