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MedITEX Accounting is an extra module of the solutions developed by MedITEX. This tool centralizes the management of accounting.

This module allows you to create, delete and edit invoices and items.

Go to Accounting ->  MedITEX Accounting.



Online help

Online help is available throughout the entire MedITEX Accounting program. You can access the corresponding online help for a specific window by pressing F1.

Once F1 is clicked, the help page for the currently active MedITEX Accounting window will open in your browser.



Together with all MedITEX solutions, MedITEX Accounting has a very straightforward interface. We will divide this interface in two sections that have specific functionalities.

Hint: click on images throughout pages to enlarge them.


Navigation (1)

Here you can navigate through all options available for accounting. Clicking on the links at the navigation bar, switches the content at the Management view.


Management (2)

The right side of MedITEX Accounting is where you can manage all  invoice information.

The content on this section will change according to the selected link of the sidebar (Navigation).


Menu bar (3)

At the top of the page you find an area with many buttons. For example: the search field is placed there. The menu bar will be the same in which area of the program you are.

Click here to go directly to the menu bar.


Dynamic resizing

You can adjust the size of contents of the window by moving two controllers. This functionality enables more information to be viewed at once.

Dynamic resizing.



Managing Lists  

Some lists in MedITEX Accounting have several important features:


Sort and filter

Clicking on the arrow next to the column header, you can filter the table content by the information contained in that row. Therefore, only the information that was checked will be displayed.

To sort the list ascending or descending, simply click on the blue header of the desired column.

For this example, the list is sorted ascending by Product code (red circle) and is filtered by Group, so it only shows the information that is checked.


Arrange columns

It is also possible to move columns around the list simply by clicking and dragging. Two green arrows will help position the column in place.




One of the biggest advantages of managing lists is that each one is saved individually for a user. So next time you log in, MedITEX Accounting will display your lists just the way you left them.



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