How to use donated sperm?

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Donation of sperm is possible only for cryopreserved sperm that has a semen analysis.



Donor and recipient

The male patient has to be a sperm donor (see here). Recipient has to be checked as Person needs: Sperm donor (see here).


Donor's semen analysis

Create a semen analysis, fill in the necessary data and cryopreserve it. Then, in the Sperm cryo preservation mask you will see a new green area concerning donation. You need to check For donation. In the future if the straw has been already reserved for someone, you will be able to see the person here as well.


Using a donor's sperm in a cycle

IUI cycle

On OI-IUI tab open/create an insemination, then switch to the ‘Heterologous’ tab. Here we have 3 ways to attach donor’s sperm.

  • If a sperm is already reserved for this patient or if her partner has a spermiogram with checked Donated sperm, then you just need to open the drop-down list and select it (1).
  • If you want to use donor’s sperm brought by the couple, you can create a spermiogram directly from here by pressing the lightning button (2). A new spermiogram mask will open with the checkbox Donated sperm already checked.
  • If you want to use a sperm from any donor, you can create a link from this window by pressing the plus button (3). The matcher will in the location where you are able to link a donor and one/several straws. The next step is selecting it from the drop-down list (1).

Note: Red spermiogram means that it is still on quarantine (6 month).


IVF cycle

Open the Culture tab and after choosing the desired oocyte, right-click it and select one of the treatments from Ooc. Treatment. Select (double-click) which treatment spermiogram you want to link with the donated sperm and follow the same instructions from the points above (IUI Cycle).

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