How to create a new semen analysis?

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On the patient's main window, select Lab. diagnostics.

Clicking on the arrow at the right of New sample and select Semem analysis.



In this window it is possible to document general data about the semen sample before and after preparation. The After preparation section differs from the Native section only for a label called Preparation. In this label it is possible to document: preparation date and time, operator and up to four preparation methods. Thanks to the document section it is possible to attach a document to the semen analysis.


Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

QM / free fields: click on this icon to access the QM field section related to this area or on the right arrow to block the QM fields and see the change log.
Cryopreservation: click on this icon to put this sample in the cryostorage.
Thawing: click on this button to thaw a straw from the cryo storage.
Generate letter: click this icon to generate a spermiogram letter.
  Change patient: click on this icon to go to another patient. If the black arrow on the right is clicked, it is possible to choose to skip to the latest semen analysis or to generate a new one.
Calculator: it automatically calculates the WHO precentages for each WHO class.


WHO sperm calculator / Motility counter

By clicking on the Calculator icon, a window new will open. In this window you can enter the total number of sperms observed and the number of sperms observed for each of these categories: imotile, locally motile, non-linear motile, slow progressive motile and fast progressive motile, or you use the motility counter.

Click here, for more informations.


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