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If the Statistics button is clicked the following window will pop up:


For the x-axis of your statistics you can use all columns of the list of results.

For the y-axis you can only use column whose associated field from the data base contains numerical values only (integers, floating-point numbers).

These are only descriptive statistics: histograms, plots and their individual parts.

The interpretation of the y-values exclusively depends on the scale measurement of the data used (the data is, however, displayed in such a way as if the values were all interval-scaled).


Explanation of the fields/icons:
Curve, Bars... Pareto these are different layouts that can be chosen for the chart.
by clicking on these buttons, the chart will have a 2D/3D layout.

this button sets the decimal places.
displays basis unit or unit.

changes background colours of the graph and of the form. A third option allows the swapping the colours between the graph and the form.
click on this button to show/hide the legend.
click on this button to show/hide the toolbar.
creates a new chart. It will be opened at the right side of the window. Close it with the red X button.
click on this button to edit the chart title.
click on this button to edit the font and colour of titles and legend.
click on this icon to hide/show pattern bar, palette bar and legend. By clicking on this button it is also possible to access to the data editor.
click on this button to modify the view options.
Parameter changes the Parameters shown in the chart.
Time period sets a time period.

by clicking this button the user can:

  • choose to print the chart;
  • send the data or the chart to the clipboard;
  • export the chart as .chf, .xls or .csv file;
  • import the chart from .chf files;
  • exchange chart type.


If your system does not give support to the necessary library, a much simpler version of this tool will be presented.

It is also possible to switch between modes clicking on the button Graph and choosing Exchange chart type.


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