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The core functionalities of MedITEX RFID Connector are explained in detail in the link below.

Click here to read about the features of MedITEX RFID Connector.




In order to use RFID, you need an RFID reader and RFID tags. The RFID reader connects to the computer through a USB port and each workstation needs to have its own reader. The amount of workstations using RFIDs has to be considered for the purchase of RFID readers.

On workstations where RFID is needed, MedITEX RFID Connector is started and will be left running as a background application. This software will make the communication between the RFID tags and the MedITEX system.

The only requirement for using the RFID functionality is a computer/workstation running MedITEX IVF.

Please note that MedITEX RFID Connector - being the software solution for using RFID technology with MedITEX IVF System - does not include any hardware. All the necessary hardware should be purchased separately, directly from vendors.


Supported RFID devices

Supported RFID hardwares are described below:

Reader  FEIG Electronic ID ISC.MR102 Click here to read the specifications for this product.
Antenna  FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT 340/240 300/300
Click here to read the specifications for this product.


Click here to find your local distributor for these products.



RIFD tags such as, labels, wristbands, plastic cards, stickers, etc., are commonly called consumables.

Click here to find one example of stickers working with the devices described above.



The image below describes all different possibilities when attaching RFID into distinct areas in MedITEX IVF. The final workflow process in the clinic can be defined based on the options displayed in this image, this way improving the internal tasks by RFID technique.

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