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Planned Cycles

In the bottom part of the starting window are summarized the planned cycles of the female patient.

  • Open the planned cycle details with a double-click on the selected line.
  • To plan a new cycle access the Cycle section clicking on.
  • You can take a look at the planning details.
  • Go directly to the female or male medical history with the button Open associated med. history.




Planning details

Planned cycles - Planning details


Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Home: click on this button to go to the starting window.
QM / free fields: click on this button to access the QM field section related to this area. Or click on the right arrow to block QM fields and to see the change log.
Print: you can print several documents: a treatment sheet, a cycle plan or a table view.
New message: send a SMS or a webportal message
Generate cycle: Click this button if the planning is finished to create the cycle. You have to choose a LMP or Start date. The cylce overview will be opened.


Additional measures

Planned cycles - Additional measures
  • None
  • Coculture
  • Assisted hatching
  • Cryopreservation
  • Polar body biopsy
  • PGD



Planned cycles - Calendar


Save your data for later use or load a saved template.
Choose a new event, like date of LMP, follicle aspiration, transfer or a free entry for add it to your table.
Add a new drug at the calendar.
Add a new lab value.
Add a new planned ultrasound (follicle US, other US or free entry)
Write a prescription of a medication (PDF or MS Word).


Press the QM field to add staff, material, times or free fields.

You need to define QM domains in the settings before you can use them.

Get more Informations about using QM fields here.

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