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  • Font/size and colour
  • Bold
  • Underlined
  • Italic
  • Text colour
  • Text background
  • Left-justified
  • Centred
  • Right-justified
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select all
  • Undo
  • Save
  • Open
  • Edit with MS Word
  • Print
  • Email to hotline
  • Cancel


Important buttons:

Most of the buttons on the notepad have only visual functionalities like text colour or alignment. The buttons below however, have very important functionalities.

  • Save: saves your document for future use;
  • Open: opens saved notes and screenshots;
  • Edit with MS Word: opens the present text in MS Word;
  • Email to hotline: sends your screenshot to the MedITEX hotline. Your email program will be automatically opened.


Screenshot functionality:

If you check the option Use screenshot key in the system settings, you can use the screenshot key (ALT + Print screen) for notebook. All generated screenshots will be displayed in the notebook, if this is in use.


You have the possibility to add any number of screenshots to one form.
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