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Medical history


The Medical History page is divided in two main parts:

  • The top part contains a summary of previous pregnancies (only for the female patient) and some anthropometric data
  • The bottom section contains a list of all the medical histories and messages recorded for the patient.


At the top of the page, a black bar with important data is displayed:
  • Picture of the patient
  • Currently area
  • Name of the patient
  • Patient ID
  • Date of birth
  • Accounting
  • Attending clinican



Buttons with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Home button: click this button to go to the starting window.
New entry: click this button to add a new Medical History or a new Note or Attention message.
Print: click this button to print a list of Medical Histories and Messages from this patient.
New message: click this button to send a message to the patient. This message can be an SMS or a Web portal message.

Go to partner: click this button to switch to this patient's partner Medical History.

With these two buttons you can decide how many rows are displayed in the list. (Expand all rows, Collapse all rows)


Clickable areas

Clickable areas with a blue dotted frame have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Here you can add the date of initial consultation. Enter it manually or open the calendar view with a click on the little arrow.

This area displayes some useful information about the physique of the patient. This area is not clickable.
Previous pregnancies: click on this area to have further information about previous pregnancies outcomes. This area is only visible on the female patient.


  • If you wish to edit an existing medical history, double-click the respective entry.

  • To delete a medical history, select it in the overview window (bottom section of the screen) and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

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