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MedITEX DocLink enables quick and easy importing of files into the different areas of MedITEX IVF.

It can be accessed from the menu bar. Go to Import-> Import documents via MedITEX DocLink.




MedITEX DocLink has a very simple interface that allows for various types of file importing. In order to make explanation easier, we will divide this interface in two smaller sections.


1. Menu

This area contains buttons with specific importing functions. Using them, allows documents to be stored for one patient in different program areas:

  1. Patient document storage:
    • Patient data (general document, attention message, note).
    • Laboratory diagnosis (grouped after laboratory values).
    • Examination (in all existing examination types).
  2. Oocyte/Embryo development.
  3. Incubators.
  4. Semen analysis (common, native, preparation).
  5. Ultrasound examinations.


Import all data into patient data / demographics:
Import and attach all files to a certain oocyte/embryo:
Import and attach all files to a certain incubator:
Import and attach all files to a certain semen analysis:
Import and attach all files to a certain ultra sound examination:


2. Drop area and List of items

When you drag and drop files on this area, a list with all documents selected will be displayed.


To import these files, simply click on the desired button and the file will be uploaded to a selected patient.


Automatic logout

One important feature of MedITEX DocLink is the possibility to automatically logout a user after importing a file. This is a very important security measure because it prevents further importing, unless the user re-enters the password.

The automatic logout option is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Automatic logout is activated.
Automatic logout is deactivated. If you do not want to login for every import, select this icon.


Send to

Another easy way to import files to MedITEX IVF is by using the Send to functionality.

Right click the file you wish to import and from the menu, choose Send to. Now click on MedITEX DocLink and the file will be added to DocLink.



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