How to send a query to the hotline?

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To open the Report editor, go to Report -> Report editor in the menu bar.


Report editor will open.

If a query is misbehaving, returning erroneous messages or for any other problems, you can send it to our Hotline for assistance.  

You must first open the query. 

Click Open to load the query. The below window will open.


Select the misbehaving query and right-click it. From the menu, choose Query then Send to hotline.


Sending a query to the hotline

The following window will open:

Press Yes to confirm. The file will be saved as FQB [Name].grd. “Name” here represents the name of the query.

Now your e-mail program will open. Contact address and standard text have already been filled in and the query to be sent has automatically been attached to the message.

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