How to load a query?

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To open the Report editor, go to Report -> Report editor in the menu bar.


Report editor will open.

A previously saved query can be loaded by clicking this button. The below window will open.


This window is divided in two columns:

The left column displays the folders containing the queries saved or imported by different users. All created and saved queries are available to all users.
Queries that were generated within the system by the program developers will generally appear under the user System. They can be executed and copied but cannot be edited.

The right column contains a list of queries in a given folder. The column Date displays the date when a given query was imported or saved for the last time.

To load the desired query just select it and press OK.


Loading the query

1. Select a folder from the left side.
2. Choose the desired query from the list to the right side.
3. Confirm with the OK button or double-click the query.



The query will be opened and you can run it by clicking on Execute.
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