How to enter ultrasound data in a cycle?

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In the lower area of the cycle overview "Ultrasound" and “Follicle US" you can enter pictures, folliculometric data and the endometrial thickness exact to the day.

You can add several pictures to the ultrasound results.


Double-click the respective spot on the timeline in the area "Follicle US" to enter or modify ultrasound data (you do not have to click the exact row).


In the new window Follicle US, you can enter the available follicles for the left and right ovary with millimetre accuracy.

The number of entered follicles per ovary will also be displayed numerically (left and right) and as total amount (middle).

You can also add scanned photos or photos taken with a camera or other devices.


The row labels stand for the following:

Endom.[mm]: SHH value
Total number of follicles (left and right ovary)
LF left, LF right:
Size of the leading follicles left and right [in mm].
R-L above 22: Number of follicles left/right with a diameter > 22mm.
Numbers 22-10: 
Follicles left/right with the diameter indicated by the number.
Below 10: 
Number of follicles left/right with a diameter < 10 mm.


Deleting all ultrasound data

Right-click the ultrasound entry you wish to delete in the area “Follicle US” of the cycle overview. Click “Delete US” (the exact time is not relevant).

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