How to enter hormone values in a cycle?

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In order to enter hormone values for a patient, double-click the respective cell in the hormone area.


The window Lab values will open:


From this window, you can enter all information regarding hormones for the corresponding days.

If you wish to document other hormones, you must do it from the Female lab. diagnostics. The entries for these hormones will automatically be linked to the patient's lab. diagnostics.

Add further data if needed and close the window by pressing the OK button.

Another way of entering values for hormones here is:

  • Select a cell;
  • Click again and enter a numeric value;
  • Click on a different cell to save the changes.
This is not a double-click. If you double-click a hormone cell, the editor for hormones will open.


You can extend the list of hormones and other laboratory parameters that are displayed in the Overview. You can edit this information at the System settings. The image below shows the Overview tab with extended lab parameters.

Click here for more information about the system settings.  

Click here for more information on how to add new parameters.
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