How to edit drugs?

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How to edit existing drugs?

Drugs that have already been assigned to a cycle can be easily edited in MedITEX IVF. You can make changes to daily applications and dosages.


How to change the application or dosage of an existing drug?

  • Click the respective row/day of the drug (the cell will be selected).
  • Enter the new dosage or
  • Press the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard to completely delete the drug on the selected day.


How to edit the application or dosage of a drug for several, consecutive days?

Method 1:

  • Select a cell;
  • Press CTRL-C;
  • Select another cell;
  • Press CTRL-V;

Method 2:

  • Enter the dosage for the desired drug in the designated date;
  • Press and hold CTRL on your keyboard;
  • Click on the last date when that drug should be administrated.


Method 3:

  • Select one cell;
  • Hold Shift and with the right or left arrows, select the remaining cells;
  • Press CTRL-C;
  • Select another cell to paste;
  • Press CTRL-V.


Pay close attention to the number of cells that were selected with this method.


How to send an SMS with instructions about the application or dosage of a drug?

If you click on Medication, a window containing the list of all medications used in the cycle will open:


Select all drugs you want to insert in SMS message and click on the button Send SMS:





Click here for more information about the usage of drugs.
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