How to create a note or an attention message?

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On a patient's main window, click on Medical history.

In order to create a new Note/Attention Message click on the arrow at the right of the New entry icon and choose the desired option.

Creating a Note or an Attention message

When Attention or Note are selected, the following window will open (the only difference will be the title).



Explaination of the fields/icons:

  • Date: date of the registration of the document. If the lightning icon is clicked will be selected the current date.
  • By: author of the document or of the notes
  • QM: QM field icon can be used to access the QM fields associated to this document
  • Browse: clicking on the arrows will scroll the documents archived upwards or downwards
  • Text area: a "WordPad" like tool that can be used to input a text.
  • Container for pictures and documents: pictures and files can be easily linked to the document by dragging and dropping them into the blue box. Then they can be opened doble clicking on the icon.
  • Open patient directory: opens the directory that contains all the files related to the patient
  • Add document: allows to browse the directories and to add a single document
  • Open document: always to open the document added.

By clicking on OK the Note/Attention message will be created and published on the main screen. Attention messages will be in red whilst note will be in black.

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