How to add a new patient?

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In order to create a new patient, follow these steps:

From the menu bar, open an empty patient mask.

You can immediately begin with the insertion of data.

We will divide this interface into smaller sections that have specific functionalities, in order to better explain them.

Patient DataRed.png


Personal data of the patient.

A special field is the patient ID. It can be specified in the settings whether this is entered manually, or generated automatically according to certain rules.

Referrer data and a possible notification order.

Here the consulting doctor will be added.

In order to select a doctor, it must be in the Consulting doctors list in MEDITEX IVF.

Place a checkmark if the consulting doctor should be notified.

Here, notes or important information are added.

Personal contact data of the patient, like phone number, street, city, etc.
Professional contact data.

Contact data of the consulting doctor.

This information will be automatically supplemented by MedITEX IVF.

  Important data of the health insurance.
  Data of the bank account of the patient.

Additional informations.


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