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  1. Description of cooperation between MedITEX and FlowerKid

    1. MedITEX IVF allows doctors to document all relevant data for FlowerKid:
      • Document patients with an interest in Social Egg Freezing (registration / interview).
      • Plan together with the patient a Social Egg Freezing therapie.
      • Perform a Social Egg Freezing therapie (stimulation -> puncture -> cryo).
    2. MedITEX Accounting should be the billing service for FlowerKid:
      • The data from 1.1 are automatically exported by FTP to FlowerKid.
      • If a therapy is initiated an automatic task in MedITEX Accounting writes a billing item for Social Egg Freezing.
      • All Social Egg Freezig items in accounting are offset from the IVF center to FlowerKid.
      • Payments are then managed from the IVF center via MedITEX Accounting.

  2. Description of single functions in MedITEX

    • Capture of consultations
      If the patient is visiting the clinic for the first time and wants a consultation on Egg Freezing, a new patient need to be created.

      flower 1.PNG

      Open the demographics of the patient by clicking on 'Edit person'.
      If the field (Patient's information source) is filled with 'FlowerKid', then the patient is noted for an Egg Freezing consultation. Confirm with Ok.
      flower 2.PNG

      Now the patient is marked as a prospective patient for Egg Freezing.
      The list of all patients with the identification "FlowerKid" are exportiert to FlowerKid corporation.
      Navigate in the Patient overview for 'Medical history' > 'New entry' (the drop-down arrow) to 'Consultation fertility preservation / social freezing'

      flower 8.PNG
      flower 9.PNG

      A form to fill will open. Here you have two options on offer.
        Medical indication (FertiProtekt) Non medical indication (Social Freezing)
      Used for:

      Benign diseases
      Breast cancer
      Other malignancies
      No partner
      Pathological ovarian failure
      Premature menopause

      If you chose the non medical indication, then this person is marked for Social Freezing.

      flower 11.PNG

      You confirm and save the form by pressing the 'OK' button.

    • Creating planned cycles
      The patient wants an Egg Freezing therapy and plans this with the doctor.
      This documentation step is especially important if a (partial) settlement is to take place in advance.

      In 'Overview', move to the tab 'planned cycles' and establish a new treatment planning.
      flower 3.PNG

      Now the Egg Freezing therapy is planned. Pay attention to 3 important informations:
      • Planned treatment -> Only aspiration
      • Social egg freezing
      • Planned start of stimulation
      flower 4.PNG

      If you have followed the steps beofre the treatment is planned now. The list of all patients with planned Social Egg Freezing therapies are exported to the FlowerKid AG.

    • Creating cycles
      A egg freezing therapie is started with the patient.

      In 'Overview', move to the tab 'cycles' and establish a new treatment.
      flower 5.PNG

      Now the Egg Freezing therapy is created. Pay attention again to 3 important informations:
      • Treatment -> Only aspiration
      • Social egg freezing
      • Date of LMP
      flower 6.PNG

      Now the therapy is initiated. In the respective masks are all informations for stimulation, puncture and cryo-storage/process documented.
      flower 7.PNG

      The list of all patients with started Social Egg Freezing therapies is exported to the FlowerKid AG. In addition, the information about cryo-process and cryo-storage are also exported.

    • Creating letters and templates for financing
      First choose a patient for whom the letter has to be created. Now go to the patients administration by clicking on 'Demographics'.
      Verwaltung kid.png

      In der Menüleiste Briefe -> Verwaltungsbriefe -> FlowerKid sollten nun die Briefe 'Anfrage dbPrivatKredit' und 'Anmeldung für Privatpatienten' zu finden sein.

  3. Description of the export interface

    MedITEX will export patient data per FTP to FlowerKid. This happens daily at the same time. Patient data will be exportet if
    • FlowerKid is marked as source of information in the patients master data
    • a completed form for consulting for social Freezing is present
    • their therapies are marked with 'Social egg freezing'

    The data that are exported include the master data of the patients. If a therapy with 'Social Egg Freezing' is linked with a patient, these treatment data are also exported.