D-Link DCS-930

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How to use the D-Link DCS-930 Webcam with MedITEX for patient pictures


Step 1: Installation

  1. Place the cam wherever you like.

  2. Connect the webcam to your network by using a patch cable (RJ45).

  3. Connect the device to a power supply.


Step 2:  Configuration 

1. Open a web browser of your choice

2. Type in the IP address of your camera into the address bar. Trouble finding the IP?

After typing in the Ip adress the webcam web

interface should be open

3. Move to the "Maintenance" tab and disable
"User Access Control" and "Snapshot URL Authentication"
You can change other Settings here or in the "Setup"
tab if you like but its not necessary.

After you finished configering go back to the "Live Video" tab.


Step 3: Attach the image to MedITEX
1. To refresh the camera picture press [F5]. Once you captured a good picture proceed to the next step 

2. Now simply drag & drop the image out of your browser to your


3. Once the file is on your desktop drag& drop it into the place

for the patients picture in demographics


Trouble finding the IP

If you're having trouble to find the IP of your webcam you can install the associated software.

During the installation the IP of your cam is shown.

This software is NOT necessary for the webcam to work!


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