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The Cryo tab has very similar functionalities to the Culture tab. Follicles from the Follicle aspiration tab will automatically be transferred here so you can decide which ones to freeze or discard.

Before entering data, you should consider the focus of you documentation.

MedITEX IVF provides two possibilities:

  • A more simplified and summarized documentation, called Table representation;
  • And a more complete version – Graphical representation.

The table and graphical representations are linked logically. Therefore, changes made in one of the two views will also be represented in the other.



Table representation



Options of cryopreservation

You have two options to freeze oocytes:

1. Click on the Cryo field and enter the number of oocytes to freeze.
2. Double-click on the Cryo field. The oocyte/embryo cryopreservation window will be opened and now, you can enter the number of oocytes.


The Cryo and Culture tabs are very similar. Click here to read more about the Table representation view in the Culture tab.


Graphical representation

The graphical representation allows the documentation of individual oocytes/embryos, its development status and oocyte-specific processes on all culture days.

The table and graphical representations are logically linked. Meaning that, changes made in one of the views will also be represented in the other. Keep in mind that you can only make changes into one representation at a time and, to switch the representation method, you need to unlock the desired one by clicking the red text at the bottom of the window.

After performing the follicle aspiration procedure, the same exact amount of follicles will be available for cultivation here on the Graphical representation. Ten days are available for you to document the growth progress.



You can find more information about the Graphical representation view at the Culture tab. 


Summed representation


An additional tab – Summed representation provides a quick overview of the culture progress.

Data input is not possible here.



Click here to find further information on our how to section.
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