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Use barcodes to automate and improve the resources, operations and processes in your practice in terms of quality and efficiency. Barcodes enable the automated identification and localisation of objects and patients, thus considerably facilitating the recording and storage of data.



In order to use barcode functionality in MedITEX, selected workstation(s) need to be equipped with an own scanner. If you want to create and print out own barcode labels out of MedITEX, you also need designated barcode printer(s) (Zebra or Dymo, for example).



It is possible to use barcode functionality from all MedITEX sections using functions available in the QM button.

QM button


Once associated, MedITEX will open the exact data record after scanning a barcode.

One of the important features of MedITEX is the possibility to quickly check if two materials belong to one couple in MedITEX. In this way there will be no confusion when two materials (for example oocytes and sperm for fertilization) need to be matched.

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and localisation of objects and patients