How To Configure Octax

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MedITEX ./. OCTAX (for OCTAX Version 2.x)
Interface Configuration


Windows Registry configuration

There are two way to change the registry information for Octax ./. Meditex

Option A)


Double click on Hostname  and change the entry to the MedITEX DB Server


Option B)

Download the registration File here, unzip it and open it in an texteditor of your choice.
Now change the line "Hostname" to the MedITEX DB  Server

After editing the file, simply execute it to make changes to your registry.
Its recommended to save your registry before doing that in case something went wrong.


How to Export

Select one or more images for export. Then click the export button.


After clicking the export button a new window "MedITEX IVF Export Wizard" should open.
Click the "Find Patient" button.


1. Type in a Patient ID or the name of the patient.

2. If there are mutiple entrys chose the patient you want to export the images.

3. Click the "Select" button to proceed.


1. Select a Treatment

2. Select a Oocyte


ATTENTION: Image Time Stamp must fit to Oocyte day date!


Assing photo to oocyte by clicking the "Assing to Oocyte" button.