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MedITEX HL7 Importer - Scheme



General Settings

General On/Off-Switch Activates or deactivates the HL7-Server


PMI_HL7 active

Indicates whether your IVF tool is preconfigured for the import of additional patients data and therefore provides a special interface.
Protocol Level

Default setting is 'Errors, Hints and Debug Information'.

After the testing phase please switch to 'Only Errors' in order to reduce traffic and data storage.
IP-Address The IP address of the server where Importer is running.
Default is 'localhost' (or
Number of Instances

Defines the number of asynchronous communication queues (threads).

Default is 1.

Number of Interfaces

Defines the number of protocols that can be interpreted.

Default is 1 (HL7).
Listen queue (max) The maximum of entries in the listener buffer (FIFO buffer).
Terminate wait time

Defines the maximum delay in milliseconds to receive messages from the queue.

Default is 10000 msec.

Thread delay

Defines the delay in milliseconds to give work time for other treads.

Default is 100 msec.

Reply ACK delay

Defines the delay in milliseconds to finish a processed message.

Default is 250 msec.



COM Definitions

Tab Item Description
Instances Instance Nr. Automatic counter
Active Yes or No
Port The client - server communications port
Interfaces Interface Nr. Automatic counter
Active Yes or No
Protocol Active protocol (In this version only HL7. In future versions also XML and SOAP)
Version Active version
Libary The name of the DLL which coummunicates with the database (Database-IN module)



Additional Settings

Additional settings to save log files, make statistics and check the consistency of incoming data.


Item Description
Save Level

Each processed message can be saved with more or less information.   Default is 'Errors, Hints and Debug Information'.

After the testing phase switch to 'Only Errors'.

Save info for statistics An additional feature to gain statistical information of the processed messages.
Automatically load protocol file An additional feature to display then message processing in the user interface of MexHL7Importer. The output will be according to the selection in section 'Save Level'.



Patient Conditions

Items Description
Minimum Length of Patient Identifier High level check whether the message details are valid to be inserted or updated in the MedITEX IVF database. If the length of the patient’s identifier is less than defined, an insert or update will be refused.

Age Range (min/max)

High level check whether the current age in within the defined range.
Minimum Set of Fields High level check whether the message details are valid to be inserted or updated in the MedITEX IVF database. If the incoming data has no values in the defined fields, an insert or update will be refused.



LAB Data Conditions

Items Description
Use first available Patient ID A HL7 message can provide more than one possible Patient ID because the same message can trigger several target systems wherein a Patient ought to be matched via it’s ID.
Use Patient ID associated with IdentifierTypeCode If provided more than one Patient ID, each of them should be followed by a so called 'Identifier Code'-  which is nothing else than a second match code to decide which of the given Patient IDs is the right one for your system.
Save Parameters as “Something else” if they can not be matched

Laboratory parameters are divided into several parameter groups:

Hormone, Serology, Clinical chemistry, Genetics, Microbiology or 'Something else'. A laboratory parameter consists of a so called short form, a long from, a unit and a value. The short form must be transmitted within the HL7 message and defined in the target system … this is the way parameters are matched. If this matching fails the parameter can be imported as “Something else” - what in each case demands a following manual correction.

Import Notes from NTE Structure Additional information from the examining laboratory – as a non-formatted text - can be imported in memo fields of the target system.
Abnormal Flags Defines whether a given parameter value is inside a normal range or outside. These flags can be used to change flags in the target system.
Date Format

Describes the textual form of date and time information:

YYYY (year) MM (month) DD (day) HH (hour) NN (minute) SS (second).



DB Access

Connection parameters to access the MedITEX IVF database:

Item Description
Alias The database alias. Default is ART.

The server address on which the Firebird server runs.

Default is 'localhost'  (or


The character set according to your language.

Ask your support for additional help.

Client Library

The name of the Firebird client library.

Default is fbClient.dll (older versions use gds32.dll).

Backup Start If a backup task is defined type in the start time. This leads to a smarter and faster check whether database changings can be processed.
Backup End See description for point above.
Force restart During the processing of HL7 messages the memory usage of the HL7-Server increases continuously … not much, but it does. Therefore the time when backup is running can be used for a save restart of the HL7-Server.
DB Access

Strongly recommended:

No access to database if backup is running should be checked!




(requires MexHL7Service.exe)

Item Description
Install service Requires MexHL7Service.exe and provides a so called background service, with full functionality, no interface, no login necessary. If successfully installed you can see a new entry in your service panel: MexHL7 Service.
Uninstall service Uninstalls the MexHL7 Service.
Start service Starts the MexHL7 Service.
Stop service Stops the MexHL7 Service.
Automatically Interface in notification area

Provides an icon in the taskbar that indicates that the service is running and provides a GUI for configuration and statistics. This won’t work with the new Microsoft UAC technology … older operating systems like Windows XP support this feature.

Try it and if you don’t see the MexHL7 Icon please uncheck this feature.




You can send protocol, statistic and log files to your support. Fill this formular in order to provide a smart email generator.

Item Description
Your Name Type in any name you want to describe your clinic
Your Email Your email address
Email Body Any email body

Default: support@critex.de




Description of the MedITEX HL7 Importer Application GUI.

To run the MexHL7Importer – after the configuration has been done – it is only necessary to click the 'Start Server' button. The screenshot bellow shows activity and data protocolling. Content depends on what has been defined in the configuration section.


Each pair of data (HL7 message & transformation into importable data) is – if configured – saved in a protocol file which has been named with a tamestamp. In this file you have the possibility to check when and which HL7 message data caused which import or change of MedITEX IVF data.


Statistical data – if configured – is automatically saved and compiled in order to provide a brief overview and a detailed table (as you can see below). For example:

Since the server was started, a total of 1373 HL7 messages were received, out of which a total of 37 errors occurred and finally 6 modifications of MedITEX IVF data have eventually been made.


Item Description
DLL Errors Occur if any low level communication fails (tcpIP,  ports , sockets, …).
Data Errors Occur if the consistency check of incoming data discovers missing information (a data field with no value) or invalid information (letters where only numbers were expected or violations of minimum or maximum definitions).
Updates Updates are only triggered if the associated patient already exists in the MedITEX IVF patient table.
Edits Edits are triggered if the associated patient exists in the MedITEX IVF buffer table.
Inserts Inserts into the so called buffer table are processed if the associated patient could not be found in both tables (patient table and buffer table).
Modifies Whether triggered 'Updates' or 'Edits' are finally processed is decided dependent of the data field values. If no modifications of data are found no change of the database is performed.



Message Types

The messages below are examples supported by MedITEX.

Please note that event typs such as, R01 and A08, are ignored. MedITEX will decide what to do with the message.


Lab Values Import



PID||3333|096733119^^^GLIMS||Miller^Susan||19801122000000|F|||Randomroad 10^^Anytown^NY^12345




NTE|1|L|2.4 - 12.6  Follicularphase\.br\14.0 - 95.6 Ovulationspeak\.br\1.0 - 11.4  Lutealphase\.br\7.7 - 58.5  Postmenopause


NTE|1|L|0.6 - 4.7  Follicularphase\.br\2.4 - 9.4  Ovulationspeak\.br\5.3 - 86.0 Lutealphase\.br\0.3 - 2.5  Postmenopause

OBX|5|SN|estra^Oestradiol (E2)^GLIMS||166.8|pmol/l||N|||F||||||

NTE|1|L|46 - 607    Follicularphase\.br\315 - 1828  Ovulationspeak\.br\161 - 774   Lutealphase\.br\<18.4 - 201 Postmenopause

ORU-R01 fields definitions


Download the file here. Right-click Save link as to download.



Patient Import


MSH|^~\&|Regional MPI|MPI|Master MPI|Alpha Hospital|20060501140010||ADT^A08|3948375|P^T|2.5|

EVN|A08|20060501140008|||000338475^Author^Arthur^^^^^^Regional MPI&2.16.840.1.113883.19.201&ISO^L|20060501140008

PID|||000197245^^^National Register&^PN~4532^^^Careful Care Clinic&2.16.840.1.113883.19.2.400566&ISO^PI~3242346^^^Central Clinic&2.16.840.1.113883.19.2.450998&ISO^PI||Miller^Susan^^^^^L||19750103|F|||Randomroad 23a&Randomroad&23a^^Anytown^^1200^^H||001 998877^TEL^PH~001 112233^FAX^FX|001 554433^TEL^PH

ADT-A08 fields definitions


Download the file here. Right-click Save link as to download.


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