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This window allows the configuration of letter templates in MedITEX IVF.




Some buttons have special functionalities. Click on it to have more information.

Other types of documents may be created clicking on the Plus button.

Once a type of document is created, it will be available in the New entry menu present in the Demographics section.

With the button Edit, the document type can be edited.

A letter can be removed from the MedITEX section it was assigned to by selecting it and clicking on Delete.

Opens Microsoft Word so you can edit the template that is selected from the left.
Closes the window.


Clickable areas

Here you can add a document type to a letter template.
Tittle of the letter. You can change the name on this box and edit the template by clicking on the Word button.
When using this letter with a patient, you are asked if it should be saved in the storage.



  • Type of letter: defines the type of the letter.
  • Document type: defines the type of the document. 
  • Letter title: name given for the letter.
  • Change on: date of the last change or creation.
  • Ask before saving: check box for Ask before saving functionality.


Other areas

The area under Show placeholder / Show SQL-Query is useful for support purposes. The first option shows the Placeholders names and the second, the SQL-Query used to retrieve such information from the database.

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