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<img src="/images/OpenRE.png" alt="" width="92" height="37" /> Clicking on this button, the window "Saved queries" will pop up.

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Selecting a query and right clicking in the box “Queries”, the following menu will appear:

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Change text

Choosing the option change text will allow to rename the selected query. Please note that if a template is connected to the query, that template will be accordingly renamed.

Change description

This option allow the user to input a comment related to the selected query. The comment can be shown passing the cursor on the query title.


This option allows to delete selected query. Alternatively a selected query may be deleted pressing the key “DEL” on the keyboard.

Write protection

For queries you have created you can determine yourself which editing rights other users should have by deciding whether or not to set a write protection. It is only possible to modify a another user’s write-protected query saving it to your own user account. To do this click on the button "Save" after you have performed the desired changes and confirm the following:

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The modified query will be saved in your folder where it can be modified at will.

A write-protected query can be still modified by the user that has set the protection. 

Query import and export

A query may be sent to the hotline, exported or imported. To do one of this action just select the desired option.

Sending a query to the hotline

Should your query not lead to a result or to an error message, you can send it to the hotline.

The following window will open:

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<img src="/images/Hotline.png" alt="" />

Press “Yes” to confirm. The file will be saved as FQB [Name].grd. “Name” here represents the name of the query.

Now your e-mail program will open. Contact address and standard text have already been filled in and the query to be sent has automatically been attached to the message.

Export a query

A query may be exported in order to import it later into another server (eg it is possible to send the query a colleague using MedITEX in another center) or by another user in his/her on folder. If the option export is selected the query will be copied in the folder “Query builder” usually located in this path: \CRITEX\MedITEX IVF\File_Storage\QueryBuilder. The file will be saved as FQB [Name].grd. “Name” here represents the name of the query. This file can be sent and copied into another pc.

Import a query

To import a query just select the corresponding option from the menu “Query”. Browse your pc and select the imported FQB [Name].grd. file. Here “Name” represents the name of a previously exported query to import.


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