My Datalogic QuickScan is not working with MedITEX

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Follow these steps that may solve your problem.


  1. In order to make user your barcode scanner in MedITEX IVF, the match code feature is mandatory.
    You can check if you have this feature here: MedITEX IVF > System > Additional features administration
    Additional features administration.PNG
  2. Make sure that the scanner is plugged into one of your USB ports.
    Sometimes it's working if you use a different USB port.

  3. If the device is plugged in and it doesn't produce any light or sound, it's possible that the device is mal-functioning.

  4. Make sure you are using the right configuration. You can configure your Datalogic Quickscan to work with MedITEX IVF by scanning these codes in the right order:
    bcqd scann.png

    The user manual can be downloaded here.


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