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MedITEX LDT Importer will import data from another billing or lab program to the database being used for MedITEX, allowing basic information such as, patient and partner data, referrer information and lab results to be imported from different text-formatted files.




The following manual describes the main configuration possible with MedITEX LDT Importer.

Click here to read the manual.


File formats

The importing of data is only possible if a specific file format is delivered.

This file consists of a header, for the name of the fields being imported.


Demographics import

An example of demographics import file in MER format can be downloaded from the link below. This document contains data about two patients and their respective partners.

Demographics import file (right-click "Save link as").


Referrer import

An example of referrer import file in MER format can be downloaded from the link below. This document contains data about two referrers.

Referrer import file (right-click "Save link as").


Laboratory data import 

An example of laboratory data import file in LDT format can be downloaded from the link below. 

Laboratory data import file (right-click "Save link as")




MER format

  • Header
  1. Field names cannot be changed;
  2. Field names must be separeted by semicolon;
  • Data
  1. Data needs to match the sequence of the header;
  2. Data needs to be between quotation marks;
  3. Each field needs to be separated by semicolon;
  4. If information is not available, leave content inside quotation marks empty (...;"";...);
  5. Each row after the header is one patient and one partner (if exists);

LDT/BDT format

  • Data
  1. Each row in a file represents one field to be inserted;
  2. First three digits are the length of the row, next four digits is the identifier and all other characters are the information itself;

Example: 00830001 - 008 = length 

- 3000 = identifier for Patient_ID 

- 1 = Patient_ID

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