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This page contains additional importing features supported by MedITEX.


Price List Import

It is possible to import price lists by providing a spreadsheet with the information described on this section.

An example of this file can be downloaded from the link below.

Click here to to download an Excel file containing a price list example with description.


The structure of this file is described in the table below: 

   Column name  Column content
1. ITEM_NAME Name of an item.
2. ITEM_CODE This code is UNIQUE for each item.

The type of your code. Possible here:

4. SHORT_CODE Some characters of your choice. Not necessary.
5. ITEM_GROUP Group for items. If the group name is not found in the list of groups, it will be inserted.
ITEM_PRICE Price for an item.

Billing category name defined exactly like in the billing category list.

sys table acc.PNG


Name of insurance defined in MedITEX IVF - Insurance administration.

insurance acc.PNG



  • Not all fields are required;
  • Required fields are:
  • Please pay attention that the import table is the only or at least the first sheet in your excel file.


  • If price is defined but billing category and insurance name stays empty,
    this price will be the default price (always valid). --> if you have only one price for an item,
    it is better to leave billing category and insurance name empty.
  • FOR EACH PRICE there needs to be ONE line.
    • Item name, item code, code type, short code, item group and item description should have exactly the same information (this will be saved in one table).
    • Item price, billing category insurance name will be saved in a second table.
  • The importer looks if an item with this specific item code already exists.
    If yes, then the other item information (item name, code type, short code, group, description) will be updated and prices will be updated or inserted. If item is not found, the item with all information and all prices will be inserted.


table price.PNG
  • In item tabel "Material XYZ" will be inserted ONCE. But in price table 4 prices for this item "Material XYZ" will be inserted.
settings acc.PNG

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