How to create a new couple?

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  • Click on this button to open the window for adding a new couple.
  • When adding a new woman or man, enter Patient ID, Date of birth, Surname and Name.


  • If the Patient ID is not set to be automatically generated in the system settings, it will be possible to fill this field as well.


  •  If you want to create a couple from existing patients, click on Use existing patients. The window below will open.
  • Select a new woman or man from the lists or add a new patient and a new partner with Add new woman/man buttons.
  • When adding a new woman or man, enter Date of birth, Surname and Name.
  • Select the woman and the man by clicking on their names in the lists.
  • Then click OK.
  • The patient data of both persons will be displayed in a new window.


Attention: Note the column Has partner. Assign the partner of a partnership to a new one, the old partnership is dissolved.

  • You can find the current partner by selecting a woman or man and clicking Find partner.
  • If you are searching for a partner with a certain ID or name, select the corresponding column (ID, surname, etc.) and type in the data (ID, surname, etc.). If there is a match, the person you are searching for will be selected automatically.
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